Join us and see how anti-malware hardware changes the world.

AVANT secure PC is taking computer security to the next level with the added security of hardware system drive protection.  We build you, the customer a secure computer, configure the operating system and lock that system in a state where only you the system owner can make changes to the system software and program configurations. Our hardware-only technology defends the system drive against malware, viruses, worms, spyware, and future zero-day attacks by isolating the computer operating system and program files to prevent unauthorized alteration, thus significantly reducing the areas in a computer system where malware can live and reproduce. By performing a simple system reboot, AVANT secure PC eliminates advanced persistent threats (APTs) that can compromise the security of an individual or entire organization.

  • Uses no host system CPU or memory resources
  • Does not affect system software, applications, or user operation
  • Presents no hardware or software signature
  • Requires no device drivers
  • No program or OS running on the host can detect, reconfigure, or disable our hardware security technology
  • The system drive is protected by our hardware-only technology and requires a physical 2048 bit key to authorize operating system or program changes
  • No updates required
  • Continues to perform after software support ends (e.g. WinXP)
  • Future proofed against software/OS updates and discontinued support
  • Does not require a database of known malware to operate (as done by virus scan software)
AVANT Hardware Security Technical Paper

Benefits Outweigh The Cost.

Our hardware security technology
does not use system CPU or memory resources
Image is not available
No annual or recurring fees
Continues to support after software support ends
Preserves and protects a system's golden/master image
Reduces man hours after a cyber-attack
Recover within seconds, not days
Increases hard drive life span by
reducing hard drive access time

Here's how it works.

Imagine The Benefits

Having a "locked" system hard drive makes it impossible for malware or human error to touch it.

2048 bit Authentication Key Inserted(Admin Mode)

When the key is inserted and an AVANT secure PC is "unlocked", operating system and program file changes can be made.

2048 bit Authentication Key NOT Inserted (User Mode)

When the key is not inserted and an AVANT secure PC is "locked", no operating system and program file changes can be made. Any "change" you attempt to make is only temporary.

Save Documents

With our hardware technology, you can choose to save important data on the protected system drive or data drive of your AVANT secure PC. When your data is locked behind the system drive it is completely protected from ransomware attacks.

When Malware Attacks, Just Reboot.

Did you click on a suspicious email? No problem. Just restart your AVANT secure PC to a clean state.

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