Power & Performance

More responsive than traditional workstations with hard drives. Power users will appreciate the increased responsiveness and reliability

Reduced Downtime

Downtime per user is reduced by eliminating the need to have IT to respond and apply fixes. Users can reboot to restore a clean workstation.

Proactive Security

Centralizing data storage without compromising security; Jentu effortlessly isolates your users' data and keeps prying eyes out of sensitive documents without a second thought. AVANT's secureSYS™ gives secureNETWORK™ a constant hardware patch for your server's read-only operating system from the time you power on.

Blazing Fast I/O Architecture

Jentu eliminates the latency (slowness) of typical virtualized desktops. Non-virtualized workstations on AVANT's secureNETWORK™ have access to powerful, full-featured computer hardware, allowing applications to take advantage of native performance capabilities.

Reboot To Restore

Instant recovery through a reboot of the individual system restores the user to a clean state. Instant recovery through a reboot of AVANT's secureNETWORK™ by utilizing secureSYS™ technology restores the server's operating system to a clean state.


Non-virtualized desktops

Full-featured desktop hardware

Jentu adaptive desktop acceleration


Instant recovery of clean desktop

AVANT's secureSYS™ OS Hardware Protection

No data on local drive

No repository for malware

Risk-free OS and patch management for compliance


Centralized desktop control

Reduced desktop support

Reduced storage requirements

Extended workstation life