When Malware Attacks, Just Reboot

Here's how we did it

We figured out a way to stop malware from making a permanent change to your system hard drive by using a hardware-only (not software) method. All the while still allowing you to perform all computer functions normally. When we prevent malware from writing to your system hard drive and force it to operate in cache temporary memory, this allows you to simply reboot your AVANT secure PC to a clean state.

Our secure computer has been tested and proven successful

by employees from the following organizations.

National Security Agency
U.S. Army
U.S. Air Force
Central Intelligence Agency
Naval Criminal Investigative Services
Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Tutelar Group
L3 Communications
VT Miltope
Northrop Grumman
KEE Reasearch
Lorimar Group
Max Vision

Under the AVANT secure PC hood

DESKTOP Anti-Malware Device

A 3.5″ carrier device that holds a
2.5″ System Drive on one side and a 2.5″ Data Drive on the other. Drive capacity is dependent on which AVANT secure PC you purchase.

LAPTOP Anti-Malware Device

This 2.5″/9mm hard drive is unlike any other you’ve used before. It
holds two M.2 SSDs internally.
One is a 120GB System Drive and the other is a 480GB Data Drive.

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