Cybersecurity for

Small Municipality Utilities

Providing an affordable, efficient, and effective
cybersecurity approach for small municipality industrial control systems. 


AVANT understands the cybersecurity challenges and needs of small municipalities.

Compatible with Small Budgets


 Easy to operate and maintain with 1 IT and/or cybersecurity staff member


No annual or recurring fees


Continues to protect after software support ends (e.g. WinXP)


No periodic signature updates


Requires no device drivers

Recovery/Reduced Downtime


 Full recovery from operator error or attacks within seconds, not weeks


Attacks or errors can only occur in cache; reboot to a malware-free state


Saves an organization up to 480 man hours per technician per attack (ref. Ponemon Inst. Cyber Study 2018)

Proactive Security


Constant hardware patch for your computer/server’s read-only operating system from the time you power on


No program or OS running on the host can detect, reconfigure, or disable


No longer just passwords. Requires a physical 2048-bit key to authorize system changes; restricting system maintenance to authorized and trusted professionals


Does not require a database of known malware to operate (as done by virus scan software)

"Instead of trying to keep our computers updated with the most current patch updates we decided to choose AVANT’s read-only hardware protected secureSCADA-C³ system. Having to go on the internet daily always creates a threat so we feel this was the best way to protect us. By using our  physical 2048bit authentication key, we have been able to make updates when necessary. Our SCADA Control Computer has run flawlessly since our initial update and configuration. AVANT has shown to make the highest quality systems with the best customer service you can find.”

-Brandon Light, Water Treatment Facility Manager, Fort Payne Alabama


ICS/SCADA Computer Stations with Advanced Hardware Security