“Recently I wrote about “file-less malware” being the latest difficult attack to defend against. A daily reboot of this system would eliminate this threat.”
– Chandler Hall, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Sentar Inc.



“Never have we seen anything like this…The easy way to describe this one is Deep Freeze on steroids.”
– Dr. Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor, SC Magazine



“We put an AVANT secure PC system through a gauntlet of tests including installing Windows, configuring specific settings, all in Admin mode while using the authentication key that was inserted. After switching to User mode by removing the key, any and all changes quickly reverted to the last known Admin mode setting at reboot, just as advertised. These tests give us the utmost confidence that AVANT secure PC will hold off any unauthorized alternation attempts made to the system drive.“
– Warren Saio, Systems Engineer, Tutelar Group Inc.



“AVANT secure PC defied all expectations. Because no matter what was thrown at it, it couldn’t be stopped.”
– Charles Tendell, ABC and CNN’s cybersecurity contributor, The Charles Tendell Show “HACKED”


“Fort Payne Water Board has a SCADA system that controls everything from the water treatment facility, to the pumping stations, and water tanks. We as a company wanted to keep our community as safe as possible so we started with our SCADA Control Computer. Instead of trying to keep our computers updated with the most current patch updates we decided to choose AVANT’s read-only hardware protected secureSCADA-C³ system. Having to go on the internet daily always creates a threat so we feel this was the best way to protect us. By using our  physical 2048bit authentication key, we have been able to make updates when necessary. Our SCADA Control Computer has run flawlessly since our initial update and configuration. AVANT has shown to make the highest quality systems with the best customer service you can find.”
-Brandon Light, Water Treatment Facility Manager, Fort Payne Alabama


“I Went 10 rounds with the AVANT computer. This tech is legit! Tested Win10 and Linux boxes. Very surprised how well it works!.”– Seth Wahle, featured in Forbes and BBC for exploiting Android phones using an implanted NFC chip in 2015